How it all works


Registration works like this. Minimum purchase of 2 tryouts for $20 (you don’t have to actually show up for 2, but it’s the minimum payment). You can get 1 extra for $5 more or two extra for $10 more. So you buy them in a pack at either $20, $25 or $30 based on the weeks you want to compete.


Judging: So the key here is all competitors will need to be there from beginning until the end of the nightly event. The rating system, which I will provide more math detail on soon, will be a ranking system by the singers and the audience. Out of 100% of the possible vote 67% will come from singers and 33% will come from the audience. So the audience WILL matter but not as much as your peer. To throw out the “self vote” concern you will always be counted as voting for yourself as first place. So everyone will rank effectively the same for that purpose. We can’t promise perfection, but this is different.

Moving on to Semis

Moving on to Semis: After the four weeks, depending on the number of entries, we will take the top X of finishers by % points using only their top scores to the finals. Hopefully no less than 15. But more if we can get 100 people to register. The prize money will start to increase as we see 50+ registrants. If we get 100 we will add a third place finisher.

The Dates

The preliminaries happen in Jan on the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th. The semi-finals are on February 13th and the Finals on February 20th.

Your responsibility as a singer

Come prepared. Plan to be there from 7pm til the end of the nightly event (our hope is no later than 10pm). If a singer does not stay from beginning to end of the nightly event they will forfeit their performance score for that evening. We rely on you to not only be supportive of each singer, but also to pass judgment on them as a peer.

Drawing for position

We will ONLY do this in front of the audience on the night of the event. It will be drawn at random by an online tool in front of the crowd. We will draw the first 3 contestants, the co-hosts or other entertainment will sing and the contest will begin. The singers on deck will report to the green room as they are selected and come out to perform as called.

Your chosen song

You should email your chosen song to as soon after your registration as possible. We will do our best to accommodate, but will notify you if the song is either not available at all or only available in a lessor version. We make no promises to have any given song, only that we will do our best to accommodate.

No participation

Co-Hosts and owners of Heat Entertainment will not be participating in the competition.